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Energy situation continues to be fragile, KEDS / KESCO is importing half of electricity in the country


KEDS / KESCO wants to clarify to the public that the electricity situation continues to be unstable since Wednesday. ...

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KEDS invests in Firza of Gjakova


Fshati Firzë, i njohur si fshat piktoresk pranë Gjakovës është vendi në të cilin Kompania Kosovare për Distribuim dhe Furnizim me Energji Elektrike, KEDS ka përfunduar investimet në rrjetin elektrik....

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About 400 families from Lipjan with a new energy network


With the project called TS 8 Lipjan which has implemented KEDS, there are about 400 families mainly in the southern part of the city of Lipjan who now have a very good energy situation....

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KEDS opens the doors for the Sixth Generation of KEDS Academy


After five successful years and professional training opportunity of around 250 students, KEDS has opened the doors for the sixth generation....

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Planned network maintenance

Information about the outages due to planned works and maintenance

Draft Connection Charging Methodology

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Emergency interventions

Find the information on emergency interventions

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Kompania Kosovare për Distribuim dhe Furnizim me Energji elektrike SH.A
Kosovo Electricity Distribution and Supply Company J.S.C
Kosovsko Preduzece za Distribuciju i Snabdevanje Elektricnom Energijom D.D
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