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KEDS fixed the electricity supply in Ruvc of Lipjan 07-04-2017,4,397471

151 families of Ruvc village of Lipjan now have e new electric network that enables electricity to be stronger, with better quality services and making business more easily. Low voltage, electric poles, the outdated network will not be a problem anymore for the residents of the Ruvc village of Lipjan.

With the works being done from KEDS in the electric network, the problem has been solved for many decades.

The concrete electric poles and strong new wires can be seen everywhere. With the new electric network “Now Rufc is not old, but it is new”.

According to happy citizens, nothing seems like before.  “There is 100 percent change, the network is new, and the electricity is stronger and businesses are easily working. Now we use machines to do the milking, and we  achieve to send the milk to the Bylmeti Company on time. This is the work that we live from” said Liridon Hajdini, resident of the village.

The project in Ruvc i Vjetër village, contained the installment of low voltage concrete poles, 20 middle tension poles, 6363m wires of low tension, 300m wires of middle tension, 1 630 kVA substation.
With the installment of braid wires the costumer’s safety is higher.

151 families have benefited from the implementation of this project. There has been done the demounting of old electric network. KEDS is implementing the 10 year Master plan all over Kosovo, and giving priority to the zones with voltage drops problems.  This investment is in the frame of improving the quality of costumer’s service and reduces losses.

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