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KEDS privatization brings better approach to costumer services 02-05-2017,4,397895

Skender Ibrahim Begi, from Babaj Bokës, has addressed his concern about the electric pole on official Facebook page of the company. He was surprised by the rapid reaction from KEDS teams in cold January days.
“For the first time I have written about a problem. It was late night and I was surprise with the big interest, within 10 minutes I have got 5 calls from KEDS in Gjakova and Prishtina. Tomorrow morning the problem was fixed” said Begi.

Same as Skender Ibrahim Begi’s case, also Adem Zhegrova from Prishtina has messaged KEDS on Facebook to express his concern about the lack of electricity in “Kodra e Trimave” neighborhood. He has massaged on 13:52 of March 14th for the problem in his neighborhood, and just some minutes later at 14:15 after the fast response of KEDS, he has written “Thanks, everything is fixed”.
“The communication is very easy. It has helped us a lot”, said Zhegrova.

KEDS spokesperson, Viktor Buzhala, said that after the Company saw the increase of communication in social networks and has invested in it.

“We have engaged 12 internal and external staff members throughout the day to be available on Facebook, so we can quickly response to all customers requests”, said Buzhala.

According to him, depending on the weather conditions, the amount of messages and calls received by consumers varies.

“When the weather is bad, we receive hundreds of messages a day” said him.

Buzhala tells that 12 other persons work on contact center that is available 24 hours a day, during the year.

Avnora Z. Morina from Gjakova has massaged KEDS on Facebook to address electricity problems. She said that she’s happy with this possibility. “This service through Facebook is very practical, cost-free and is used by everyone” said Morina.

Sinan Prushi thinks that the cases addressed to Facebook always get quick response. “It is an easier communication. KEDS intervened faster than calling them on phone”, said Prushi.
The continued popularization of social networks and the advancement of the communication applications of these networks has led many companies around the world carry their customer services from traditional channels such as phones and emails on social networking channels.

This development seems not to have left aside the local companies that increasingly are joining KEDS example.


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