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Arberia neighborhood no longer has energy problems 19-05-2017,4,398234


The major project at a cost of about 200,000 euros, is the next investment from KEDS in the Arberia neighborhood, in the municipality of Gjilan.

The realization of this project has been extremely necessary for residents of this area, where over 500 families have benefited. The power supply has been improved and the voltage has been stabilized, the wooden poles and the old electrical network have been replaced. KEDS has set up a new 10/0.4 kV substation with 1000 kVA power, also 7000 m of low voltage wires, 3500 m of underground low voltage wires, 6800 m of underground power wires, 184 concrete poles of low voltage, four medium voltage concrete poles. Also, a channel of 1900m has been opened for the extension of wires and 32 manholes.

With these investments now Arberia has a modern infrastructure.

According to Azem Shkodra, a resident of this neighborhood and a math teacher KEDS has done a great job.

"Now we have enough and stable electricity. The entire old network has been removed and with the placement of the braided wires, the risk to the pedestrians has been removed.

KEDS investments and public lighting by the municipality have illuminated the neighborhood, “said Shkodra.

Gezim Fazliu the owner of Elton- mini market store has expressed his satisfaction towards the these investments who has now removed the stabilizers that he used until recently for power strength.

"We used to have problems with power, now it is much better. Foods in the freezers are safe now. There are no more wires in the ground. The new network is like in Switzerland. It is one hundred percent better than it was,"Fazliu said.

KEDS will continue its commitment to upgrade the power grid according to the development plan, which foresees by 2025 the establishment of 3500 new substations and over 200 kilometers of new grid in the entire territory of Kosovo, amounting to up to 300 million euros.

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