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KEDS has sent 10 students of KEDS Academy to Turkey for advancement of knowledge 04-10-2017

Even this year, as in the previous three years, 10 selected students of KEDS Academy IV traveled for a few days visit to Istanbul in Turkey.

The purpose of this trip was to get acquainted closely with the prestigious companies Calik Holding and Limak Energy and the Bogaziçi University.

Presence and knowledge gained during this visit will help them to have a successful interlink with labor market.
Team from Kosovo in Çalik Holding, was greeted and welcomed by Mr. Ridvan Aktürk, General Director of YEDAS Company. There the students were introduced to the history, achievements and challenges of the company as well as the spread of the network of different businesses around the world. An interactive conversation was held between the students and the representative of company Çalik Holding.
During their visit to Turkey, as part of the usual curriculum, KEDS Academy students visited the Limak corporation areas. Students at the headquarters of this corporation are welcomed by Mr. Serhat Dinc, deputy director of Limak Energy, and one of the founders of KEDS Academy.
It is the fourth year that Mr. Dinc welcomes student groups and presents the company Limak, showing a willingness to answer the ever-curious questions of students.

"Four years ago we had clear and very ambitious goals for this project. Today, this project has not only achieved these goals but has overtaken them. KEDS Academy has become a pride not only for KEDS company, but also for Limak and Çalik corporations", said Mr. Dinc.
"Professional education is very important and this program I believe is helping you on your road to education. We are very happy that we are part of the project and at the same time of your professional education", expressed during the welcoming ceremony Mr. Dinc.
In the meeting were asked different questions from both sides, focusing on the company's energy capacities. The students were also interested in knowing who the creator of the KEDS Academy program was. Aylin Löle, present at the meeting, spoke about the journey and successes of the KEDS Academy project. She thanked students for being very proud of them.
"I'm very proud of you. You are the future of Kosovo", Löle said.

At Bogaziçi University, one of the best in the world, students felt like in their home. The visit began with the presentation for the university and continued with the training in the professional fields as well as with the visit of the university and the campuses. The training was very attractive and important for students in the field of communication, accompanied also by music and various videos.
Trainer Ms. Burcu Erturk Kilic, in a practical and interactive way, told the students how important communication is, both in their daily and professional life and business. Separated students in groups were challenged with some tasks presented by the trainer.

The training ended with the message "Do not forget to spread smile!"
Students had the opportunity to receive information in a special laboratory that serves for testing high voltage electrical distribution and transmission equipment. This lab is the only one in Turkey, and also among the rare laboratories in Europe.
Part of the time was also spent / separated on visits to historic and cultural sites that are abundant in Istanbul.
For pupil Flakron Gashi, it was the first time he visited Istanbul and the emotions were endless.
"During our stay in Turkey organized by KEDS, we had unforgettable experience and enjoyment. During the visits we were informed about the work and the successes of Calik and Limak companies and their activities extended to Europe and the world. At Bogaziçi University, we were introduced to the programs, laboratories, as well as to highly professionally prepared professors. Visit of historical monuments, especially the emotions I experienced in the 3D experience of Istanbul, will remain in my mind. The experiences we received here were very professional and very important for us", said Gashi.
For the student of electrical engineering, Sidorela Dodaj, visits to Turkey have exceeded all the expectations.
"The visit to Turkey has been impressive. It has surpassed all of our expectations. The visit to the companies Çalik and Limak has shown us how much they are satisfied with the cooperation with KEDS and they enjoy all our achievements as students of KEDS Academy.
Myself as a future engineer I was impressed very much by the high voltage laboratory, which was for safety at work and testing equipment. Where the professor's lecture has been very good and has enabled us a lot in this regard, not to miss the visit at Bogaziçi University and the training we held there.
As for the cultural visits we did, I can only say that we are amazed at the beauties we have seen", Doda said.
KEDS Academy will continue further and the application for the fifth generation will start soon.


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