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Residents of Makermali enthusiastic with KEDS investments 09-10-2017


In the list of priorities for KEDS investments is also included Skenderaj area. In the village of Makermal, of the city has been already completed the project for improvement of the energy network by KEDS.

There are 130 families who are enjoying these benefits from this investment.

For the realization of this project, KEDS here has placed 154 low voltage poles, 27 medium voltage poles and also are  laid  11.9 km low voltage network and 11.5 km medium voltage network.

76-year-old Nuredin Xhinovci from this village expressed his enthusiasm for the changes in energy improvements in the village and removing the risk they had within the house yard.

"The hazard was high, the trafo was in the yard since 1971, and we had to deviate the wall to make a space for the trafo. The HV wires were only 20 cm near the house.  We were scared all the time that something bad is going to happen to us.  With the arrival of KEDS the fear went away, they removed the trafo from the yard. They have placed a new trafo in the street outside. They saved us because we were in danger. Now we are very satisfied with KEDS and our electricity is very stable. Without light there is no life, "expressed Xhinovci pleased. 
At Makermal, the project has included two neighborhoods. In the neighborhood of Guxhuli, all the old poles have been replaced and are placed completely new ones and with isolated cables, where the danger has been avoided forever. While in Xhinovci neighborhood a new trafo has been placed , and all the poles that have been with bare and hazard conductor have been replaced for the residents of that neighborhood, and now are placed new poles  with isolated cables (twisted), where is significantly improved the voltage.
KEDS continues the investment project across entire territory of Kosovo within the Development Plan, with the priority of locations with voltage drops.



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