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KEDS puts two new substations and renews the network in Mleçan of Malisheva 15-11-2017

Residents of Mleçan village of Malisheva, who mainly deal with construction, KEDS has relieved / facilitated a lot the works after the recent investments they have made in these areas. Neighborhoods Shabanaj, Sejdiaj and Selmanaj, have felt these investments noticeably. There are in total 108 families in the village that will benefit from these investments.

In addition to the residents, also the chairman of the village, Ismet Kryeziu, expresses a high satisfaction with the work of KEDS.

"As a village, we are happy with the work of KEDS that has been done up to here. The company has set up two new substations and are removed the old cables and poles that have been since year 1970. With this, the risk that has always been present also has been removed. But we also need to increase the new energy capacities, with the increase of the population in the village, for this we are in talks with KEDS officials", he said.

During the implementation of this project, KEDS in the village has placed two new substations, one with a capacity of 400kVA and the other with a capacity of 250kVA. Also there are placed 79 low voltage poles and 16 other low voltage poles. For this project the distribution of 3.2 km of low voltage network and 1.2 km of medium voltage network has been done.

Also Fikret Kryeziu, a resident of the village, is enjoying these investments and thanks KEDS for the removal of danger.

"The wires have been equal to the wall and we were afraid that might happen something bad. The risk is now removed and the current voltage has been stabilized", said Kryeziu.

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