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KEDS invested 320,000 euros at the Çarshia e Gjakovës 20-11-2017

Çarshia e Gjakovës, known as one of the biggest in Southeastern Europe, with a construction architecture of traditional style, was the target of a capital investment of KEDS with an exceptionally high cost , that reaches the figures  over 320,000 euros. The works carried out here have been adapted to the construction architecture of this cultural and historical complex. The project has ended  in October this year

In this project, which was also the request of the municipality of Gjakova, are placed low voltage boxes that have replaced the wooden poles about 50 years old, which have been in a very bad condition and damaged. The entire electric network has been replaced with the underground one.

All those craftsmen and traders who carry out their activities in Çarshi are quite happy with the changes in the power grid that KEDS has done to them.
For Gezin Golla, a carpenter with the profession, the removal of old poles, not only removed the hazard, but also decorated the Çarshi.
"Great job,  they have removed all the wires and old poles and have avoided the risk as well  and they have  made more beautiful the Çarshi," said Gola

The new low voltage boxes that are located in the Çarshi are specially designed in the factory for this project, adapting to the surrounding and old architecture of the Çarshi of Gjakova city.
During the works in this  project  6,494m long cable channel has been opened, 1968m underground medium voltage cables and 22,710m underground low voltage cables, also are opened anotehr  53 manholes and 49 low voltage boxes.
Even the owner of the "Amichi" coffee shop in Çarshi, Jahja Kërleshi, will no longer have obstacles at work from the pole that was right in front of his bar.

"This investment by KEDS has been more than necessary. An old pole in front of the café prevented me from working. Old wires looked like spiders and posed a great danger. With KEDS's investment, is removed the risk and work is easier, "said Kërleshi .
 Even municipal officials in Gjakova have good words about the work done here by KEDS.
"This investment, the best of KEDS, has added the beauty to the city and at the same time has removed the risk forever," says Bekim Kurshumlia, a dentist with profession.
Bekim faced two of the poles attached to one another in front of his ordinance and the old network was coming  from over his roof, and this posed a very serious problem to him. With the removal of the poles and underground cable installation, the problem for Bekim was solved.
"The space was released, the danger went away, and from the aesthetic side is much better," concludes Kurshumlia.
With investment in Gjakova, was very pleased  the leaving mayor of the Municipality, Mimoza Kusari-Lila. During the past two years, she has shared two gratitudes for KEDS for investments in the municipality.

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