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KEDS places five new substations in Llapashtica of Podujeva 30-11-2017

During the month of October this year, KEDS completed a very large project in the village of Llapashtica, of Podujeva, with a total cost of over 200 thousand euros.

The energy situation in the village was quite heavy (poor), where hundreds of homes were supplied by only one substation. This was insufficient and overloads caused frequent interruptions and made impossible of electricity supply.

The village lies in the western part of Podujeva, and the inhabitants mainly work with agriculture.
Ramadan Hodolli, resident of the village that deals with the cultivation of raspberries, expresses deep satisfaction with the investments of KEDS in these areas.
"For the electricity we are now satisfied. We had big problems and often burned our equipment. To myself four fridge freezers have been burned by the current voltage. Each home had reinforces. Now we are well, substation has approached us 200-300 meters, before we had it in distance of 2-3 km", said Hodolli.
To improve the energy network here, KEDS has set up / placed five new substations of pole type 10 (20) / 0.4 kV and that 2 substations with 160 kVA installation power and 3 substations 100 kVA. Also the old tower substation was ruined / dismantled, which has been old for about 50 years and in a very bad state that posed a threat to residents. At the same time 100 pieces of medium voltage concrete poles and 164 low voltage concrete poles are also placed. Also were laid cables ABC 14,977 meters of low voltage.
With this investment at the same time the risk is eliminated and the supply of electricity is more qualitative and quantitative.

For the needs of residents with the increase of the population in the village, KEDS has expanded the energy capacities here.
Even the owner of a supermarket, Bekim Havolli, expresses gratitude to the work of KEDS.
"A failure when it happens, the whole village was left without current (electricity). Now we work without problems and we are happy", said Havolli.

There are 163 families who benefit from this KEDS investment.


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