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Gjakova leader, believes in continuing the good cooperation with KEDS 26-02-2018

Gjakova Municipality is one of the most affected regions in all aspects since post war and recently is very satisfied with the KEDS investments in recent years.

The mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini is grateful for the investments so far in this municipality and says he expects the same dynamics to continue during 2018.

Gjini listed some of the projects realized so far from this company.

He mentioned the areas of Dujaka, Muhadri, Gërqina, Doli, Pnish and some others that are the regions and villages in which KEDS has extended a new network and has intervened with projects in several phases.
"This has obviously affected the lives of residents. On this occasion we would like to thank the readiness of KEDS for the  investments," said the new mayor of Gjakova - Ardian Gjini.

Gjini further adds that during 2018 the municipality he leads expects other investments from KEDS, which according to him are immediate for Gjakova. The Mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini says that the KEDS investment priorities for this year are already listed, always respecting the priorities of the areas where the needs are greatest.

"For 2018 we have asked KEDS to increase investment activities in quantity, quality and value. In coordination with the head of the KEDS Regional Office in Gjakova and based on the requests of citizens requested in the Public Services Directorate we have taken the commitment from KEDS that in all three mentioned areas there will be an increase of investments in order to improve the quality of the electricity supply," stated Gjini.

He promises close cooperation and readiness of the Municipality of Gjakova to respond to all KEDS requirements in order to maintain the dynamics of investment projects.

According to KEDS, investments in the municipality of Gjakova are being done to improve services and increase the quality of electricity supply.

"We have been investing all over Kosovo since 2013. Of course, priority is given to areas where the inherited network was in very poor condition. One of these areas was the municipality of Gjakova," said Viktor Buzhala, KEDS spokesman.

According to him the investments in Gjakova will continue. "Also this year we plan to invest in dozens of projects and of course Gjakova is involved. The only purpose is to improve the life of citizens in the electricity sector," he adds.

KEDS has so far completed many investment projects where hundreds of thousands of citizens have benefited directly.


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