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Illegal connection on the electrical network leaves 1200 consumers without electricity in Podujeve 15-03-2018

Illegal connections on the electricity network often cause problems and leave consumers without power.

The last case of illegal connection to the electricity system was two days ago in Podujeva, where illegal meters were burned down in the system. Great damage was caused and over 1200 KEDS customers were left without electricity.

KEDS Spokeswoman, Viktor Buzhala informed RTKlive that the case of illegal connections in Podujevo is totally unacceptable.

"Two disconnected customers for debt in an attempt to reconnect have caused the burning of meters. Consequently, other customers have been affected by this action, this because KEDS has been forced, for security reasons, to cut electricity down to 1200 consumers" he said.

According to him unfortunately, these cases are not rare. "Such actions must not happen. In addition that this actions affect the regular consumers as a consequence of the irresponsible citizens, this also represents a criminal offense. Under the Electricity Supply Law, the electricity meters are KEDS property and as such, no foreign party must have access to them or attempt to be affected or violated in any form. Additionally, each meter has two meter seals, and its opening or touching is a violation of the state," he said.

The Municipality of Podujeva has also confirmed the problem with the illegal connection to the KEDS network. "According to the information that the Municipality has, the defect (burning of meters) in the electrical network in the village of Letanc has occurred as a result of the illegal connection of some customers who were disconnected from the electricity due to debts to KEDS", it is stated in the response of the Podujeva Municipal Information Office.


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