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KEDS replaces the electrical network of 1972in Shtime with a new network 01-06-2018

The mountain village of Petrova, and the location called "Te Pishat", (Bince) of the town of Shtime, are the two settlements that have benefited from the next KEDS investment.
145 families, who have had major problems for years  with low voltage due to the old network, are already benefiting from this investment.
In the Petrova I - Kulla Rashiti Project in the village of Petrova, known for the stone crushing business, during the implementation of the project, KEDS has installed two trafo. One with capacity of 400 kVA and the other with a capacity of 250 kVA. Also are palced  85 low voltage concrete poles and 13 for medium voltage and are laid 4400m aerial low voltage cable and 843m underground medium voltage cables .

According to Lavdim Tërshana, a village resident, KEDS has made an investment with safe steps.

"We have had only a trafo for all the neighborhood and we had problem after problem. The situation has been terrible and the loads have been great. After KEDS set up a new trap in our beighborhood, everything changed. Now the current is stable. KEDS has made safe investment with safe steps. We thank the company for all these changes that have brought to us, "said Tërshana.

After the completion of the project by KEDS, these sites have completely a new energy sight. Significantly has increased electricity supply and safety for residents of these areas.
The other resident of this village, Hazer Rashiti, with a carpenter's profession, thanks the company and the workers for the works performed in the village.

“The high voltage was passing through the housse and the network was old since 1972 and always posed a risk. I remember when a pole fell on a roof of a house, but luckly now one got injured.  Now the current is strong and stable. I want to say few words about KEDS workers. They were quite responsive and very polite during all the time they worked here. Congratulations to you for the work you have done, "says Rashiti.
The other KEDS project in Shtime town includes the location Te Pishat II site, village of Bincë, where KEDS has invested so that 127 families in these areas will rejoice these investments. Residents living here mainly come from other areas.

During the implementation of the project, KEDS here has installed a 400 kVA power station (TS10 / 0,4kV), 112 low voltage concrete poles, 8 medium voltage concrete poles, also are laid 4700m low voltage aerial cables and 365m underground cables for medium voltage
Ramadan Duli, a resident of this area, says that they have had a great trouble with electricty and now with the new trafo, the electricity is more sable.

"We've had big obstacles, wires have fallen to the ground, some of them hanging to the simple trees.   We were worried how to solve this issue.  We were afraid that something will happen to the children.   Now we have a new trafo, a new home and a stable power, "Duli said.

Such investments, always under the anticipated dynamic plan, KEDS continues to extend to the entire territory of Kosovo.


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