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Kciq village in Mitrovica has a new electricity network 20-06-2018

 Future investments by Kosovo Energy Distribution and Supply Company KEDS have come down to an important region of Mitrovica, respectively in Kcic.

KEDS investments extended to the big village of Kcic, are directly affecting the quality and stable electricity supply. They also have an impact on the loss of losses and the risk remediation from the exposure of citizens to the outdated network.

KEDS spokesman Viktor Buzhala said that KEDS is also regulating the electricity grid in Kcic, Mitrovica and in every other place in Kosovo.
"We are happy that 269 families in this village have more quality and safety of electricity. This is an indication that KEDS is committed to regulating the electricity grid in the whole territory of the country, with priority where the situation is most heavy and where the number of customers is bigger, "Buzhala said.

From these investments, 269 families have benefited. There are 195 low voltage electric poles, 44 medium voltage electric poles as well as 8 thousand and 300 meters of low voltage cables and 2 and 200 meters of secondary voltage. Within the project, the dismantling of obsolete pillars has also been carried out.

Among the 269 families, beneficiaries of this project are the Fejza, Ibishi, Berisha, Azemi families and others.
Avni Azemi, a resident of this area, says the investment is welcome and the residents expect results. "It seems to have been done by KEDS. I believe that KEDS is clear that the situation here has been very serious and now we hope very much that things will go well, with regards to the first stable voltage and then the other issues "said Azemi.

For the investments that KEDS is doing now in the Mitrovica region, the deputy mayor of this municipality, Faruk Mujka spoke today. Mujka, during a meeting with the head of KEDS, thanked the latter for expressing that these investments are very important for the town and villages of Mitrovica in order for this region to have a stable state of electricity.

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