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KEDS with powerful investment involving 12 villages in Podujeva 20-07-2018

There are 12 villages around area of Orllan in Podujeva that have benefited from a new high voltage energy network and stable electricity supply from KEDS investment, with the completed "10 kV Orllani" project. This project derives from Master Plan designed by KEDS. The largest beneficiaries directly from this project are the villages Orllan and Braine, where 512 families are enjoying this investment.

The Old Tower Substation is no longer there and in its place, KEDS has installed a new one with a capacity of 400 kV, which together the existing ones meet the needs of local residents.
The completed project, even for the businesses of this area, has provided much better conditions.

The manager of the "Liqeni" restaurant located in this area, Mustafa Troshi, for the project completed by KEDS says it has provided very good conditions and energy stability.

"The electrical network on these sides has been in a miserable condition and there have been many interruptions.
For us, this project is very necessary, because with the stabilization of electricity, the security of service for our customers increases", said Troshi.

With the construction of this overhead line, frequent failures / defects and prolonged electricity outages have been avoided, as the previous network has been too much old laid on a hill-mountainous terrain, where it is difficult to avoid failures. Now the new network extends along the main road, where maintenance work will be easier.

Also satisfied with this new energy change are the residents of the households.
"In our village we had an expression:" A bird climbing on the wire stops the electricity ", every time with problems, now is something else. Even when it is changing weather it is not noticeable that now the current is super. We thank KEDS for making easier our life with this work", said Mentor Haliti, a village resident.

The beautiful natural appearance of this area has given elegance also the energy changes from KEDS.

There are also many many other projects in implementation and many others that are expected to be realized by KEDS to be as much as closer to customers.

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