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KEDS invests vigorously in villages of Suhareka 27-08-2018

The villages Gjinoc, Leshan, Sallagrazhdë and Mushtisht of Suhareka are beneficiaries of the 10 kV over headline that KEDS has built, while from 0.4 kV network have benefited 61 families of Leshan village.

KEDS has invested in the new high voltage and low voltage network in three villages of Suha Reka.

Within the project is installed a completely new distribution facility and quite necessary for residents and businesses, has significantly improved the power grid and the transmission capacity. But most importantly, it is the increase of safety for residents.

Also, within this project in the future it is foreseen the division of the lines, become special for those of the household and those for businesses, which will greatly facilitate their operation.

The old poles that have been placed through the yards and lands now have been dispalaced at the side of road , enabling energy stability and security for all.

In the village of Gjinoc passes the 10 kV network and instead of the bare air conductor are placed 10 kV twisteed cables, which has increased the safety and confidence of the residents, while in Leshan the high voltage lines were passing over the houses and now it is displaced the whole around the main road.

Quite happy about this project, are expressed the residents of these sides.

Astrit Berisha, a resident of the village of Gjinoc, with profession car mechanic, feels very happy about the work that KEDS has done here.
"KEDS has removed the old poles and we are happy about it, and with regard to electricity supply, the voltage is stronger and for all the inhabitants of the village the fear is gone and we are now free to move" said Berisha.

Family business dominates in these villages and, of course, with the completion of this project, it is  now easier to develop their business, with a more sophisticated and quality network.
 For all the villagers now the technical safety is 100% guaranteed, while the risk 0%.

Also for resident Mithat Ramadani from Leshani, the danger has been avoided already in his village.

"The project has had a very positive impact on elimination of the risk with removal of wooden poles and high voltage. So, with the replacement of the old network, the risk is avoided, "Ramadani said.

KEDS continues to invest in the expansion and upgrading of the energy network throughout the country.


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