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KEDS with innovation in the distribution network it builds 20 kilowatt lines 29-08-2018

The construction of 20 kV lines and the transformation of those 10 kV to 20 kV through total rehabilitation is a process that is transforming the distribution network for the benefit of Kosovo's citizens. This voltage level is being installed for the first time in Kosovo. This is being done to have less network losses and more security in power supply. Some lines already have either been completed or are being completed.

At a distance of several kilometers from Skenderaj to Resnik lies the 20 kV overheadline that will supply with electricity a considerable part of the villages of Drenic

This overheadline (OHL) is about to be completed and presents an innovation in Kosovo's electrical network, as previously the last supply link of high voltage was 10 kV. So the 20 kV lines were non-existent, making the power losses bigger.

KEDS has placed over 600 poles, 1 new substation, 12 reconstructed substations and 19 repaired. So, it is in the process of renewal of the complete high voltage network from Skenderaj to Runik, where are included directly over 30 substations.

This OHL is part of KEDS's projects for renewal of high voltage and transformation of 10 kV to 20 kV network through the construction of new lines or total rehabilitation and transformation of existing ones.

From this project, which has already started, is expected to reduce the losses, renovate the network, and greatly benefit the customers through much safer and more qualitative services.

In addition to Runik's OHL, KEDS has also constructed the 20 kV Drenica OHL that already is completed, as well as in Lipjan, which is in completion and will start in other areas as well.

The first interventions were made in the most problematic lines, which often fell as a result of external factors, especially atmospheric ones, as their inherited condition was severe.
At the same time, the voltage was not at the best level.

After the completion of works in these locations, thousands of customers will benefit directly.

Whilst, after the completion of works in these locations, thousands of customers will benefit directly.

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