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KEDS Academy students in a professional visit in Tukey 10-11-2018

Ten students of the fifth generation of the KEDS Academy have stayed in Turkey over the last weekend. During the three days of their stay, students of this programme have visited companies Limak and Calik and attended courses that are in the benefit of their professional growth.
On the first day, students visited Limak Energy company. They were closely acquainted with the work of this company. In addition, they learned about the managing of the Department of Trade of Electricity.
Deputy General Director of Limak Energy, Mesut Serhat Dinc, who is also a member of the Executive Board of KEDS and gave the idea of launching the KEDS Academy, praised the work that is being done in this program.
“This is yet another successful year. This is a journey that everyone is enjoying. I see students and generations that are very much satisfied with this project. This encourages us to keep on with this project. I thank KEDS staff and mentors for their work. This generation of KEDS Academy is also very good and I expect to work with them in the future. This journey does not end here, it will continue in the KEDS offices, this is only the beginning.” he said.
KEDS Academy is organized by KEDS and aims to support local students of electro-engineering field in their further academic and professional development. The Academy offers accredited programmes to higher education students and other interactive programmes for secondary school students at the technical secondary schools in Kosovo with the goal of decreasing the number of unemployment by offering employment at KEDS and or knowledge in employment at other similar companies.
Director of Communications at KEDS, Naxhije Arifaj, said this is an important program for educating the youth and preparing them for the market. She said students of this academy have the chance of working with KEDS following the completion of the program. In addition, the program helps them to further grow professionally and creates generations that will give their contribution to further develop the energy sector in the country.
“This is the fifth generation of this academy, and this is not the first time we send the students in Turkey. This helps them deepen their knowledge and we are pleased to have the opportunity to help them in this direction,” Arifaj said.
Students visited Calik Holding, another renown corporation in Turkey. They were welcomed by General Director of Calik Energy, Ridvan Akturk, who is chairman of Executive Board of KEDS. He explained the students the activities of the corporations, especially in the field of energy.
“A company is like a family. In a family, everyone is engaged to solve a problem, and this is how the family advances. Treat your company as it was your family. I can assure you it will treat you the same. At the same time, use all the opportunities given to you to advance. Learn and work hard,” Akturk said.
On their third day of the visit, students visited Bogazici University in Istanbul. They were welcomed by Tamer Atabarut, Director of the Lifelong Learning Centre of this university.
Students were acquainted with the history, teaching programs and the organization of this university. Then, they continued a training which lasted the whole day. Initially, the training was focused on communication skills and then with practical courses. In addition, they received training at the laboratory for testing the electric equipment, which is one of the best in Europe for energy.
Students said this visit was very useful and that they have benefit from this professional visit.


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