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KEDS inaugurated the training center 24-10-2018

In addition to KEDS employees in the center will be trained also contractor’s workers and other parties related to the electrical network, including also the possibility for students and pupils of direction electrical engineering. They will be certified. From work of this center is foreseen to eliminate accidents in the electrical network.

KEDS inaugurated in Drenas, respectively at the Business Park Substation, the training center. This center will certify employees working on the electricity network. The purpose of this center is to assist KEDS in achieving the company's target: Zero accidents at work.

In this center are placed all types of poles that possess KEDS and all types of switchgears. There are placed on the one side the poles with switchgears for simulation during training, such as those of low voltage, 10 kV and 35 kV, while on the other side there are placed poles with switchgear complete as they are in reality, with identical size and structure. So the trainees will have the same feeling with reality, which is estimated to increase the safety and efficiency of the training.
The purpose of this establishment is for those trained to have immediate practical experience and to learn how to operate the electrical network at all levels exactly in this center.
In addition to KEDS employees in this center will be trained also employees of the company's contractors, other workers involved in the electrical network, as the center will be open also to students and pupils of direction of electrical engineering.
All trainees will be equipped with a certificates. As a result of this center is expected to significantly reduce accidents related to the electricity network, while accidents within KEDS are foreseen to go towards zero. They have already halved, but the company will not stop until they disappear completely.


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