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KEDS finishes two major projects in the Rahovec municipality 26-10-2018

A completely new energy network has installed KEDS in the municipality of Rahovec, thus creating energy stability for the inhabitants of this part.

With the completion of these two projects, named TS Komuna and Rahovec V, the city of Rahovec has removed the old electricity network and with the establishment of the new network, has solved the energy problem for the next 50 years.
Much part of the city it has been installed a new underground network, just like the cabinets are installed everywhere in the neighborhood. But in some areas is also placed a new air network, adapted to the terrain conditions. Thus, danger has been removed and security for residents of Rahovec increased.

For the Rahovec 5 project, KEDS has installed a 1000 kVA power transformer and mainly underground cables, both for low voltage and medium voltage and some concrete poles. The number of beneficiary customers is 209.
Agim Kafexhiu, chairman of the Traders and Craftsmen Association of Rahovec municipality, who runs the glass cutting profession, says he now makes his job easily.

"With this project that has made KEDS the benefits are 100 percent. The two machines were burned before from non-stable current (electricity) we had. Now the current is even stronger also with underground cables and even the city looks more beautiful. The business I do is much easier work now "says Kafexhiu. Similarly, expresses the pensioner Hilmi Raba. He says that Rahovec residents deserve these changes because they are also regular payers of electricity.
"Too good has become now. Even the motivation for payment of energy is greater. We thank KEDS very much. On the date 24th I receive the pension and pay the electricity on 25th", said Raba.

Residents do not forget to mention the fast service of KEDS employees.

"Every time they call to KEDS offices for some service, they respond quickly and are not lazy to perform the work on time and properly", Raba concludes.
Whereas for the TS Municipality project, KEDS has placed two transformers, one with 1000 kVA power and the other with 400 kVA power. Also in these parts of the city most part underground network has been installed, but in some places it is also air one, thus adapting to the terrain.

In total, 360 customers have benefited. The inhabitants of this part of the city are also pleased with these energy changes.

Murat Morina, owner of the "Pashtrriku" bakery, a small but very profitable business for him, says that now the work equipment are safe (secure).
"We have seen hundred percent the benefit of this project. Working machines often in defect that the current stopped often and suddenly. Now we are not afraid of machines and we have safe for work. Neither the wire through the earth we don’t have anymore. With this work that you have done, security has increased for people on the road passing", said Morina.

KEDS continues to invest throughout the territory of Kosovo. Investments are mainly made in places where the company has inherited the old network. This process will continue until the network has standard parameters and modern equipment.

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