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KEDS invests in Firza of Gjakova 13-11-2018

KEDS has completed an investment on the electricity network in the picturesque village of Firza in Gjakova.

A new substation, dozens of concrete poles for low and medium voltage, and cables were installed in this area.

KEDS Spokesperson, Viktor Buzhala, said the previous network was old and therefore the investment was necessary.

“KEDS has installed 46 poles of low voltage, seven for medium voltage, around 2.2 kilometers of cables for low voltage, and a new 100 kvA substation,” Buzhala said.
Around 35 families have benefited from this project, including Hilaj, Dreni, Bisaku, Dedaj ad other families.

The investment ensures a more qualitative supply and stable voltage, which was a problem for households and had often caused damages of home appliances.
Residents hope that they will not face the same problems anymore.

Fanol Dedaj says they have high hopes for this project because as he puts it, Firza residents are hardworking people and they deserve this investment.
“I hope we will no longer have those problems. Works have been done throughout the years,” Dedak says.
Mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini, also spoke about this investment.

He welcomed the projects of KEDS in Gjakova, saying that this region suffered huge damages during the law war.
 “Firza and other areas which were emergency cases for investment of KEDS, are our interest as well, because this directly improves the lives of the residents. The Municipality is always ready to play its part for such projects, together with the citizens and KEDS,” Gjini said.

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