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Illegal connection on the electrical network leaves 1200 consumers without electricity in Podujeve
Kyçjet ilegale në rrjetin e energjisë elektrike bën që shpesh herë të dalin probleme të paparashikuara dhe të lënë pa rrymë konsumatorët e energjisë elektrike. ...
The electric grid in lower Pataqan of Rahovec renovated
One of the most important areas of Rahovec municipality is lower Pataqan. The inhabitnats of this village are known for cultivating wince....
Gjakova leader, believes in continuing the good cooperation with KEDS
Gjakova Municipality is one of the most affected regions in all aspects since post war and recently is very satisfied with the KEDS investments in recent years....
KEDS with investing plans in Strellc of Decan
Within Kosovo's Investment Plan and Dynamics of Kosovo’s Energy Distribution and Supply Company KEDS has also laid out an important investment project to Strellc in Deçan. ...
Village of Rosujë in the municipality of Peja has a community of business undertakings
Rosuje village in Peja has a business community. The low quality of electricity since after the war has made the residents to not be able to do their jobs. ...
The new electric network for the inhabitants of Shkozë village of Malisheva
New poles, traffo and new electric network, have benefited the inhabitants of Shkozë village of Malisheva, from the investments that KEDS is doing throughout the territory of Kosovo....
KEDS makes Sherret of Ferizaj with a new electrical network
The expansion of investment projects by KEDS within the Distribution Network Development Plan has also reached one of the peripheral regions of Ferizaj, in Sherret....
200 families from Korishe of Prizren benefited from KEDS investment
Around 200 families of Korishe village of Prizren have benefited from KEDS investment. For years these families have suffered the great problems caused by the unstable electricity system....
KEDS is always ready for blood donation
Fatmire Korça, (20 years old) at the technical position for AMR calibration at KEDS feels very excited, as she today donated blood for her first time in life, in the regular annual blood donation action organized at KEDS premises, in cooperation with...
KEDS invests also in Rahovec, hundreds of citizen’s benefit
KEDS has continued to increase the quality and safety of services. The investment of the company has affected also 75 families, or over 300 residents of the Ratkoc village of Rahoveci, which now already have a completely new electrical network....
KEDS advises customers about electricity efficiency
KEDS conducted the action for energy efficiency in the entire territory of Kosovo and rewarded with hundreds of gifts the regular customers ...
KEDS distributed books and gifts for pupils in Dobrigja of Gjakova
On the eve of New Year's Festivity, KEDS distributed gifts and books to pupils from the elementary school of the village of Dobrigja in Gjakova....
KEDS extends its investments in “Maja e Zeze” in Peja
KEDS has come down with another investment project in the municipality of Peja....
Clarification on the "Protest Against the Increase of Electricity Price" initiative announced on date 20.12.2017
KEDS has no authority to determine the electricity price – protest on the wrong address ...
KEDS places five new substations in Llapashtica of Podujeva
During the month of October this year, KEDS completed a very large project in the village of Llapashtica, of Podujeva, with a total cost of over 200 thousand euros. ...
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