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Energy situation continues to be fragile, KEDS / KESCO is importing half of electricity in the country
KEDS / KESCO wants to clarify to the public that the electricity situation continues to be unstable since Wednesday. ...
KEDS invests in Firza of Gjakova
Fshati Firzë, i njohur si fshat piktoresk pranë Gjakovës është vendi në të cilin Kompania Kosovare për Distribuim dhe Furnizim me Energji Elektrike, KEDS ka përfunduar investimet në rrjetin elektrik....
About 400 families from Lipjan with a new energy network
With the project called TS 8 Lipjan which has implemented KEDS, there are about 400 families mainly in the southern part of the city of Lipjan who now have a very good energy situation....
KEDS opens the doors for the Sixth Generation of KEDS Academy
After five successful years and professional training opportunity of around 250 students, KEDS has opened the doors for the sixth generation....
KEDS finishes two major projects in the Rahovec municipality
A completely new energy network has installed KEDS in the municipality of Rahovec, thus creating energy stability for the inhabitants of this part. ...
New electricity network installed in Pllava of Dragash
The Kosovo Electricity Supply and Distribution Company, KEDS, has installed a new electricity network in the village of Pllavë in Dragash. A part of this network is located under the ground. ...
KEDS inaugurated the training center
In addition to KEDS employees in the center will be trained also contractor’s workers and other parties related to the electrical network, including also the possibility for students and pupils of direction electrical engineering. They will be certif...
KEDS installs a new electricity network in subareas of Prishtina
Tutin neighborhood in Prishtina has a new electricity network. 65 households of this area will now have a much qualitative energy supply as a result of this investment....
KEDS starts with the digitalization of the network
KEDS has started digitizing the electricity network in Kosovo, monitoring and controlling the network digitally. This is provided / enabled by the SCADA system, which operates through the central office in Pristina, equipped with the latest technolog...
KEDS Academy students in a professional visit in Tukey
Deset studenata pete generacije KEDS Academy boravili su u Turskoj prošlog vikenda. Tokom tri dana, studenti ovog nastavnog programa su razvili posete u kompanijama Limak i Çalik, kao i održali obuku koju ce njima služiti za profesionalno uzdizanje....
Residents of Zhupës of Prizreni with new energy infrastructure
KEDS has completed the construction project of overhead line 10 kV (LP 10 kV) in the Prizren Zhupa region. ...
After investments in Rugove, KEDS installs a new electricity network in prevalle
Kosovo Electricity Distribution and Supply Company, KEDS, has installed a new electricity network in Prevalle. ...
New electricity network in Shkrel of Rugova helps tourism
One of the largest villages in the Rugova region has benefited a new electricity network following a project of KEDS and Peja Municipality...
Press release from KEDS related to today's protest
We are determined and committed to improve the conditions and benefits of our employees and we aim to achieve this in close cooperation with unions and other entities....
KEDS with innovation in the distribution network it builds 20 kilowatt lines
The construction of 20 kV lines and the transformation of those 10 kV to 20 kV through total rehabilitation is a process that is transforming the distribution network for the benefit of Kosovo's citizens. ...
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