We are aware that a problematic winter awaits us regarding the energy situation. Prices continue to be at record levels, while demand is also increasing. To mitigate this situation, preventive measures must be taken, as is being acted by almost all countries of the world.

In order to prepare the distribution network as best as possible for the winter, KEDS has also designed an intensive plan for the maintenance of medium voltage lines. Through the implementation of this plan,  the number of interruptions in the network due to atmospheric factors or eventual overloads is expected to be reduced.
Our crews will clean the tracks throughout the country, then replace the damaged assets and upgrade the network where necessary.
During the intervention time in the feeders, the interruptions can be several hours, since the route of the respective line must be completely controlled, which takes time. Also, since it is impossible to work under voltage due to the danger, then planned interruptions are necessary.

KEDS is notifying all consumers in advance through the media and other channels of communication, while sensitive consumers are also directly informed. Based on the plans we have made and which we are acting accordingly, there will not be many interruptions for a certain line. But it also depends on the condition of the line. Our objective is for the maintenance to be of the highest standards and, in addition to the atmospheric factors, the feeders should withstand eventual overloads as much as possible. Therefore, if a feeder is in more severe condition full maintenance takes more time.

This maintenance is being done during the summer when the demand is the lowest so that it has the smallest impact on the daily life of consumers and its benefits are maximal right at the time when you need them the most, during the winter.

KEDS continues to be a company committed to providing the best quality services to all Kosovar consumers and building partnerships with them. Together we can manage to easily overcome any challenge.