While the price of electricity is increasing daily in the international market as a response to the political and energy climate, it is imperative that our consumers manage their enormous costs and use of energy as efficiently as possible. 
But, do you know how our consumers spend the most electricity during the winter?

KEDS experts say that 70% of the total electricity bill is billed only for heating. Knowing that heating with energy also means high bills, along with it the load of the electrical system, KEDS advises avoiding heating with electrical energy if our consumers find other alternatives. 
This is how you can save electricity for yourself and distribute it to all consumers:
- Completely avoid heating with electricity if you have other heating alternatives;
- Lower the heating thermostat to 19 ˚C;
- Stop heating with electricity during the day for at least two hours;
-Stop heating in rooms where you don't stay long (bedrooms, corridors, bathrooms).
These instructions match with the instructions that European countries have transmitted to their citizens due to the major energy crisis that has gripped Europe due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine